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Getting the hang of your settling tool: To begin with, you need to use the settling tool which basically resembles a pen. Gripping that settler firmly between your index finger and your thumb is important. Next you have to open that sachet of gel and slightly dip the narrow end of this settler into that. Continue this effortless task by picking up one diamond at a time. The most recent developments here are that wide angled settler tools are available in the market as well that can help you pick up multiple diamonds together. (What a time to be alive right?)

Picking up diamonds: Next, once you’ve mastered the art of holding your settling tool. Now’s the time to introduce you to the dynamics of the most essential part in this entire process i.e. picking up the all-important diamonds. Our experts believe that being gentle is the key here. Using the settler with the right amount of wax, the key is to gently tap over the diamond and within no time it will cling. Lift the settler to check if it lifts the diamond. If it does, you can now progress to the following step.

Plying the diamonds: Moving on, now’s the time to lay the diamonds onto its respective square. Remember, the gentler you’ll be in this entire process, it’ll be more rewarding for you. Never push a diamond with force because the diamonds are designed to fit perfectly into place. If it’s not, you’re certainly doing something wrong.

Work your way: In addition to all that, you are now ready to proceed until your desired area is filled with the diamond lot. It’s a common practice to work your way through one color at a time and that’s how you can rev things up.

The prolific completion: Subsequently, as you complete section by section, we now allow you to peel off the plastic covering and commence with inserting the diamonds. Don’t forget to hold onto our tip of peeling the plastic and thus inserting diamonds in a relatively smaller area. 

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