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diamond painting tips

diamond painting tips

TIP 1: Select a kit that is most appropriate for you.

If you are buying a painting with diamonds kit for the first time, be sure to understand what kind of kit it is. Buy a kit that is not too large for you to handle, and take care to understand what the size of the actual painting will be on the canvas. Also make sure you don’t get a kit with too many similar colored diamonds that may become a pain later on. It is also important to choose the right shape of drills according to your skills.

TIP 2: Use a laptop stand to work on your canvas.

If you don't want to invest in a table, you can make use of your laptop stand to keep your diamond painting canvas on it. It will help you tremendously if the laptop stand has adjustable tilt and height.

TIP 3: Get the adhesive layer back on the canvas.

It may happen sometimes that when you peel back the covering of the canvas, the adhesive layer that allows diamonds to stick on the canvas is missing. Don’t worry though, this has a simple solution and the only issue is that layer has stuck to the covering of the canvas instead of the canvas itself. Simply cover the canvas again and press down on it, then peel it off from a different corner. You will find that the adhesive layer is back. If not, this is a sign of a sub-par quality kit.

TIP 4: Use brown parchment paper by taking off the clear plastic.

The clear plastic that comes with the diamond painting is a nuisance sometimes as it can easily tear. You can use brown parchment paper, replacing the clear plastic. The best part is it won't leave residue and is tear-resistant. 

TIP 5: Flatten your canvas.

Too many diamond painters complain about the fact that their canvases won’t lie straight while painting unless they have been pressed or taped to something. A really clever hack for this is to simply peel back the covering of the canvas, straighten the canvas out, then put the covering back on when it’s flat. Do this on all sides of the canvas to get an instantly flattened canvas.

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