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Make your own photo diamond painting

Make  your own photo diamond painting

Would you like to make your diamond painting a little more personal? Then making your own photo diamond painting might be something for you. With these tips your own photo diamond painting will be even more beautiful on the canvas.

Tip 1: Choose photos with good quality

This may sound a bit obvious, but we often see people sending photos that are not of the best quality. This makes your diamond painting a lot less beautiful. Therefore, pay particular attention to:

-The resolution of the photo: If you zoom in, the photo should not blur.

– The incidence of light: photos with good light often ensure that the details are clearly visible and bright. For example, avoid taking pictures that you took in the evening.

-The amount of pixels: when your photo is larger, it often automatically means that more pixels are processed and the quality is higher.

Tip 2: Pay attention to colors and shadows when choosing a photo

We occasionally receive questions such as "why does the white part of my painting contain a beige color?" or "why is the black part of my painting suddenly brown?" In an era of snapchat filters and hundreds of effects you can throw over your photos, editing your photos is very tempting. However, we often ask you not to put filters and effects over your photos when you deliver them. It can happen that the stones will also get a different color than you might have in mind.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the size

In our previous blog we already talked about it but in our assortment we have different sizes. It depends on the amount of detail you see in your photo, which dimensions fit well with this. The more details, the larger the canvas needs to be to depict everything beautifully. With a larger diamond painting you have more stones and colors to put your photo on the canvas.

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